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In modern times there is so much disruption in the digital space. That’s why our products are designed to cut through the noise and deliver results in a powerful way.

Total Web Design Service

Bespoke Website Design

Our websites are designed to be perfect for your business. When you work with us you can expect a personal and flexible experience. With one-to-one reviews along the way you can make sure everything is perfect.

Everything You Need In One Place

To save you time and stress we’re able to handle everything you could possibly need. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch and have no idea or vision for your website, our expert guidance and service has you covered. Domain names, copywriting, logo design, graphic design – we’ve got you covered.

Built to Perform

All of our websites are fully optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop performance. On top of that we provide full hosting services so you’re site will be running on our super-fast servers. 

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The Foundations of Accelerator Marketing

Knowing Your Market

Tapping in to the key behaviours of customer demographics means we find the right people for your product or service. A good advert is nothing without quality traffic.

Conversion Based Advertising

Ads need to engage your audience. They need to find the right people and move them through qualification stages to ensure they are a high quality lead. 

Understanding Your KPI’s

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Data should be at the heart of all marketing decisions. Every data point provides part of the road map you need to get you to your destination. 

Where do you want to be in 6, 12, 18 months? Take action today and move towards those goals.

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Robert Ormonde

Robert Ormonde


Hi, my name is Rob and I am the owner of Digital Marketing Haus, having created it in 2018.

Born and raised in Cardiff. I am fortunate enough to be a Cardiff Devils fan and a little unfortunate to be a Cardiff City F.C fan. 

I’ve gained an expert level of knowledge and experience from £20,000+ of real world education and training; learning from and working with some of the most succesful marketers of the modern era!

I am extremely customer focussed and enjoy going the extra mile to make sure my clients get the best experience possible.

When I work with a new client, I view myself as part of their business.

I’m 100% invested. I’m all in. I’m going to drive you to your target revenue.

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