We hear it all too often from our new clients, they were pumping money into Google™ Ads with the promise of reaching ‘x’ amount of people per day, generating website traffic, leads, post engagements, paying customers and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, the result is most often an underwhelming return on investment! That’s why we’ve put together this list of 4 tips you can implement today to help move your campaigns in the right direction…

1. Stop Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket
Adverts work best when you’re clear and concise with your offer. You want the message to your prospective customer to be clear and easy to understand. They’ve searched for a service/product on Google and expect to see exactly what they’re looking for in the top paid ads. People have short attention spans nowadays, that’s why the abbreviation ‘TLDR’ has become so popular. So, make sure you keep your ads simple and to the point, don’t ramble on about every other service that you offer in there. There are far better methods to generate traffic if you just want to generate traffic to see all the services you offer. Buyers like nothing more than simple transactions, just look at how popular Amazon’s one click purchase system is. Make your next ad easy to read and understand with your offer right there…


2. Using Landing Pages
When you’ve got a potential customer interested in what you are offering, the last thing you want do when they click the link is take them to your websites home page. It frustrates users who were about to reach for their bank card but now instead have to traverse your site looking for what they want. This leads to so many people backing out either due to lack of time to search (and never coming back to search again) or where they can’t be bothered to even to start trying to find what they wanted.
This is where customised landing pages are your best friend for conversion. People are only interested in the offer they clicked on in your ad so why not take them to a page optimised to sell them that exact product. If you’re not using landing pages, make the change right now!
3. Extensions in Your Ads
Extensions are where you can provide other relevant information in your ads. This is where you could provide a secondary link in your ad to something like ‘See Our Full Range’. What we find most useful here is to include things which can help you convert quickly; direct links to call your business, book an appointment and especially your reviews – this can quickly provide confidence to a potential customer that yours is the offer they should move ahead with.
4. Negative Keyword Matches
Negative keyword matches are a way to exclude your ad when people search for certain keywords. This can be extremely effective and drive down your cost per click significantly! As a simple example consider a plumber from Cardiff who’s looking for work, he/she sets up an ad for their service but people who are searching for ‘plumbing jobs in Cardiff’ are looking for something totally different are now seeing the plumbers advert- a complete waste of money for our plumber! They can simply use the negative keyword ‘jobs’ to help remedy the issue.
By implementing strategised negative keywords you’re sure to improve your click-through rate, create better ad groups and ultimately increase your conversion rate. So, get a pen and paper out and start jotting down those pesky keywords that are killing your ads!
Robert Ormonde

Robert Ormonde


Robert is the owner of Digital Marketing Haus having created it in 2018.

Expertise: Facebook Ads, Google PPC Ads, Web Design.