How do you get new customers every month for your brokerage? Have you tried to run adverts yourself? 

If you have, here are some tips on how to get better results from your campaigns.

Be Specific 

Showcasing that you’re a broker isn’t enough on its own. Sure, people will see your business and know what you do but that doesn’t really solve a problem for someone. 

Niche down on your ad to make it about a problem that you see reoccurring and offer the solution. 

If you show an audience that you offer a specific service that solves a problem, they’re more likely to engage with your ad. This leads in to my next tip…

Give Real Value Up Front

Not many people like to see ads popping up all the time, especially when they’re vague and are only trying to sell something. This is why I believe you should pay it forward and offer real value. 

Let’s say you want to advertise that you offer buy-to-let mortgages. Your ad copy might read something like, “Thinking of buying a second home? We’re experts in this area and work with the x amount of lenders to ensure you get the most out of your investment”.

But why just tell them you’re an expert? Go ahead and show them right there! 

You can still pull them in using the above example but instead go on to breakdown the process for them; What are the next steps? What pit falls should they look out for? Are there things they might not have considered when purchasing a second home?

People who are seriously interested in buying a second property will appreciate getting that kind of information and then have confidence in potentially using your service.

Use Landing Pages

I can’t be the only one who gets a little annoyed when I click an ad or link on a blog about something specific and am just met by a home page or a basic contact form? I usually lose interest at this point or end up clicking some other random link on the page.

Make sure this doesn’t happen to people who want to learn more about you. 

By using a custom landing page you can design it specifically for the ad someone has just shown interest in. It’s your opportunity to give them the information they need and hopefully move them along to becoming a lead.

Robert Ormonde

Robert Ormonde


Robert is the owner of Digital Marketing Haus having created it in 2018.

Expertise: Facebook Ads, Google PPC Ads, Web Design.